Refreshing Baby Soap

Refreshing Baby Soap

Make bath time refreshing

Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap has ingredients with cooling, refreshing, antibacterial, properties that are known to effectively help in management of prickly heat in babies. The soap is designed to suit oily skin and for use during summer.


  • Ideal for oily skin
  • Ideal for use during summer

Vetiver Cooling and refreshing properties of Vetiver is traditionally used to manage itching and rashes.

Neem A revered herb in Ayurveda, Neem is known to be beneficial in itching, rashes, and skin inflammation.

Watermelon Known for its cooling and skin-conditioning properties, Watermelon helps refresh baby's skin.

75 g, 100 g and 125 g
Wet baby's face and body. Apply Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap, gently working up a lather, Rinse thoroughly.